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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Always Good to Name Stuff After Painful Memories

Matt's Corner

Middle school and most of high school was quite a socially awkward time for me, as I'm sure it was for most people. But by far, the most difficult time was lunch time. There was nothing that filled my pubescent body with more dread in middle school than getting to the cafeteria late and finding all the lunch tables full. Well, nothing except maybe talking to girls, but I still have that problem. But that's a different blog, for a different time.

Lunch time. Gah... My best bet was to get there early and find an empty table. But even then, I felt guilty for wasting table space. There was usually a bubble of empty seats around me because nobody wanted to sit by me. I could feel the eyes upon me and the thoughts behind them, "Why are you wasting perfectly good table space, Fatty? Why don't you go eat in the bathroom? And while you're in there, why don't you go ahead and fuck yourself."

So when I got to high school and discovered we could eat in the hallways, I naturally took advantage of this opportunity.

I managed to find the coldest, most depressing, secluded hallway in the school and ate there for most of my Freshman and Sophomore years. My childhood chum Ray called it "Matt's Corner."

So, while I should've been in the cafeteria socializing with my peers and making the most out of my high school experience, I was alone with my thoughts in Matt's Corner, eating my daily bag of french fries. Sometimes people would visit Matt's corner. To pity me. But it was such a pathetic eating situation to be around, I don't blame anyone for not wanting to eat there.

And now I have this blog. I was trying to come up with a name for it. At first, all I could think of was Matt Gibson's Blog. Very creative, I know. But now I'm thinking I'll call it Matt's Corner. A place where I can be alone with my thoughts, eating a bag of fries, when I should be out eating vegetables and socializing. And people can stop by from time to time and pity me if it tickles their fancy.

Yes, Matt's Corner. I think I've found the perfect name.


  1. There were so many corners! Which one was yours? I can think of like five different corners there were to hide in. (the band corner was a hellish place to be...)

    I think freshman and sophomore years are the worst. No worries, they don't define you. :) (well, okay, just your blog...)

    You had a bag of french fries?! How?!

  2. Not to belittle your angst, but I always thought you were really cool - though of course I was too shy to say that. You were my first crush, you know? You were a badass with a feltip pen and taught me how to play rock paper scissors when we were seven - OBVIOUSLY a total ladies man. ;>)

  3. Bri, my corner was way down by the far entrance from the main parking lot. Down by Mr. McDonald's classroom. It was really cold too because people would walk in those doors all the time... and the wind would blow away my napkin with a handwritten note from my mother on it, on days when she made my lunch. But usually I bought a bag of fries from the cafeteria and a bottle of coke from one of the many coke machines in the school at the time. They really encouraged healthy eating habits.

    Amy, how dare you belittle my angst? :) If I was a ladies man I had no idea. Perhaps my best years are behind me. 20 years behind me.

  4. Ah, I see - this was before the cattle gates went up...

    I'm glad you got out of there. :)


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